P2Q Indoor Camera 4MP UHD Pan-Tilt 2.4 GHz& 5.8 GHz Dual-Band WiFi - Arenti

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Personalized Zone Selection

The Arenti P2Q allows you to customize your surveillance area with the Zone Selection feature. Pick the parts of your home you want to keep watching on and forget the others. You may choose between the baby's room, the entrance, or the living area, you have complete control over your home surveillance.

Flexible and Secure Storage

When it comes to storage, the Arenti P2Q provides options to suit your needs. It works with memory cards that hold up to 256GB, plus it has internet storage you can try out for free for 3 months. After the trial, you can opt for monthly, seasonal, or annual payment plans.

Your Privacy Comes First

We understand that your security footage is private and sensitive. The Arenti P2Q indoor camera employs a robust encryption algorithm to keep your data safe. Be confident that your data is safe from anyone who's not supposed to see it.

Real-Time Communication with Two-Way Audio

It's not only indoor camera with audio. Stay connected with your loved ones at home with the Arenti P2Q's Two-Way Audio feature. Whether you want to say hello, give a quick reminder, or even deter an unwelcome visitor, you can do so directly through the camera.

Real-Time Communication with Two-Way Audio

It's not only indoor camera with audio. Stay connected with your loved ones at home with the Arenti P2Q's Two-Way Audio feature. Whether you want to say hello, give a quick reminder, or even deter an unwelcome visitor, you can do so directly through the camera.


Does it work with the 5GHz Wi-Fi network?

  • Absolutely yes! Arenti P2Q Indoor Camera supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi frequencies.
    Since they both have their advantages, to give you the best experience with the camera, we recommend connecting to a Wi-Fi network that has a better signal in your house.
    2.4GHz Wi-Fi will provide better Internet if the camera is in a spacious location, or if there is a wall between your camera and the router. If your camera is near a router, 5GHz Wi-Fi will be a good choice to provide a more stable and robust connection with less interference in a small room.

Is it secure to use the P2Q Inddor Camera?

  • Of course it is totally safe that you could feel free to use it!
    Arenti P2Q Indoor Camera is secured by your router's network password and encryption, as well as through an Arenti account using industry-standard 128-bit AES encryption and SSL/TLS.

Does Arenti P2Q Indoor Camera support multiple logins?

  • For security reasons, an account can only log in through one mobile phone at the same time, and others can only watch the real-time video of the camera through the sharing mechanism.
    Arenti APP - Device (click the device to the real-time video page) - Settings - Device Sharing - Add, share your device according to the guide. Please note that your friend needs to create an account (in the same country) and log in to Arenti APP.

Does P2Q Indoor Camera have a built-in battery, or does it need to be charged?

P2Q Indoor Camera does not have a built-in battery. It is a non-rechargeable camera but needs to be plugged in to use.
However, the monitor with battery, which could be charged.
If there is no socket where you want to put the camera, you could choose an appropriate length extension cord for it to use! (Make sure whether the network of that location is stable)
Power supply: DC 5V1A

Does P2Q Indoor Camera need to be mounted on the wall?

  • Arenti P2Q Indoor Camera can be placed on a platform near thr activity area that you would like to monitor or mounted on the wall.
    Note: If you'd like to mount the camera on the wall, please make sure the screws are tightened to avoid falling off before using.

How to insert the SD cart into P2Q Indoor Camera?

  • You could see where the card slot is by sliding the camera up to insert your SD card into the slot:)
  • Note: We recommend using Class 10 and above, format FAT32, up to 256GB, famous brand Micro SD card

How totrun off the LED indicator?

  • You could turn off the network indicator via the following path:
    Live Page - Settings - Basic Features - Turn off Network Indicator

How long is the warranty?

  • The warranty period is 2-year.
  • Please contact our customer service team by service@petliking.com to solve the problem if there is any questions about the product. Once it is confirmed that there is an issue with the device, we will replace a new one for totally free.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
La Vida Loca YT Keeping Up With The Reviews
Nice and lovely product to have!

As someone who went through several baby cameras over the years, Im very pleased with this cam and heres why:This camera is more than just a pet camera. It boasts a 4MP clear resolution and a sharp motion detector.What sets it apart is its sophisticated motion detection algorithm. Unlike some other cameras that seem to beep at the slightest movement, this one precisely detects motion, whether it's caused by moving objects or inanimate ones. You won't be bothered by false alarms triggered by falling leaves or other insignificant events.Whenever the camera detects something, you'll receive a notification that includes real-time motion video. But here's the best part the camera moves along with the motion. It captures real-time videos and images as objects move, making it even safer for keeping an eye on your kids and pets.The camera's range is truly impressive too. It can detect motion and display images even in complete darkness through its infrared light, with a range of up to 32


this is my 4th security camera, each purchased separately and on a different app (which I prefer for faster access).Setting up was very easy and fast compared to my other cameras, the app is kind of similar to the others but has some additional motion tracking and patrol features that are super interesting to me, and I'm very pleased with the resolution and colors and how fast it is!

True BookWorm
Happy for this product

The camera is lightweight, and you can easily place it into the smallest of spaces. I appreciate the ability to mount it from the ceiling or simply place it on a corner desk. In addition, the automatic rotation feature is perfect for those high traffic areas (entryway, patio door, etc.). Web browsing is supported on this device, and you also can pair other cameras to the app. I will admit the artificial intelligent features (AI for human motion and sound detection) really made me uncomfortable. However, I was able to work through those mental blocks by performing additional research on AI. Furthermore, I keep the privacy mode always enabled. Overall, please with my purchase.

Safer for my pets

I got this security camera to watch our dog, kids, etc when we need to keep an extra eye on what's going on.Set up was QUICK and EASY!The video quality is CLEAR & the night vision works WELL too. Motion sensor works great!We have a new litter of puppies & this is FABULOUS for keeping an eye on them! It was also very helpful during the mama dog's labor by allowing us to step away from her for a bit, & being able to watch her to know she was doing well.I have no issues with the app getting alerts, etc. The two way communication is FABULOUS if I want to talk to my kids, dog, etc.VERY happy with this camera!Set up was straightforward & quick.I WOULD purchase it again, & might do so to add onto the system.


Set it on a flat surface or mount it to a wall. The camera is easy to setup. Must have wifi amd internet access to use