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  • Three filteration modules - Filter A and B, with a built-in UV light wireless pump
  • Continuous Loop Sterilization Techniques - 7 x 24 purifying system

Dynamic Water Flowing Design

Cats can see moving objects better than still ones, so flowing water helps cats find it more easily. Running water is usually cooler and more oxygenated than sitting water, making it more acceptable to cats.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 170 reviews
    Marinella Tolomeo
    Ottimo ma senza istruzioni italiane

    Prodotto appena arrivato ed installato, ottimo imballaggio, funziona bene, silenziosissimo, al di sopra delle aspettative. Nota negativa mancano istruzioni in italiano

    Once cats were brave enough to use it they were very happy

    I dont like getting stuff like this as I always think that they aren't actually quiet and they will end up being a waste of money.
    This is so quiet!!!!!
    One of my cats kept trying to kick our other water bowl multiple times before drinking but because of its design and size she couldn't make the water move much so was struggling. That's why I got this and although it took a good few days for her to use it once she did she never went back to the old one and nor did my other cats!
    Kept the water clean too which was amazing as I have multiple cats and cat hair everywhere!
    Also super easy to put together and use

    Karen Auch
    Prompt service, easy to set up.

    I like the ease of cleaning

    It's a great Fountain!!!!

    Pros: Love how quiet.
    Love how easy it is to clean.

    short lifespan pump but otherwise ok

    the pump stopped working after 4 months. We couldn't find on Amazon how to reach the seller. But after a contact was finally established, the seller sent us a pump replacement in 3 days! Good customer service! The fountain is working again. We can only hope that it will continue working for, at least, another 4 months.


    Does the fountain hold enough water for my pets?

    • The fountain is 2.5 L and large enough for your pets.

    Is this a battery operated fountain?

    • It is not battery-powered. It needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet to operate.
    • Battery power is far inferior to direct current power in providing sufficient driving force. A good power driver can provide ample energy to the entire purification system.

    How often do I need to change the filter?

    • The filters can last 4~8 weeks depending on usage and water conditions, while most other pet fountain filters only last 2~4 weeks.
    • This water fountain has a triple purification module. Each filter set includes Filter A, Filter B, and a wireless sterilization pump.
    • For a single cat's use, each filter set can last 2 months.
    • During daily use, you can also take out the filter cartridge set and rinse it with clean water. This can help extend the filter lifespan.

    Do you also sale the fillters?

    Yes - click here to get filters.

    Is the fountain quiet when in operation?

    • New generation of CNC silent water pump reduces noise which can startle pets or bothering pet parents.
    • The operation noise is under 35 dB.

    Is the fountain easy to clean and maintain?

    • The split design allows users to disassemble it and clean them in water easily.

    What material is the fountain made from?

    • The drinking tray and water tank is food grade.
    • The fountain is made from high quality ABS.

    Does it have adjustable water flow levels?

    • No - currently water flow level is specially designed to reduce the sound of water falling.