Petliking Blog - Mastering Pet Care : Embrace the Smart Approach to Happy and Healthy Pets with Petfamily

Petliking Blog - Mastering Pet Care : Embrace the Smart Approach to Happy and Healthy Pets with Petfamily

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In this blog, we will conduct a short interview with Petfamily to understand how to embrace an innovative approach to care for your pets!

Q1. Why does Petfamily want to help owners care for their pets in a smarter way?


“Caring for your pets goes beyond the basics. Thus, incorporating innovative strategies into daily routines can enhance your pet’s well-being and deepen the bond. It is inevitable that we will delve into the world of intelligent pet care, where innovation, technology, and a deep understanding of your companions merge to create a happier and healthier life for our beloved pets. Hence, all pet owners should always use an innovative approach to caring for their pets.”

Q2. What made Petfamily develop the world’s first pet water purifier?


“Gastrointestinal problems have become a worrying concern in recent years. This was due to the food scraps, and oral secretions that had fallen in the pet drinking water. Subsequently, the bacteria will grow rapidly and make the water become unclean. This circumstance also drives pets’ sensitive sense to drink less or refuse to drink because of unclean water and leads to urinary problems.

Hence, Petfamily, together with the R&D principal of the world's authoritative water dispenser, developed the world's first pet water purifier with a sterilization rate of 99.9% for up to 30 days. Many pets joined our pilot tests, and the results were positive; some pets drink more water than before, while some get healthier gastrointestinal systems.

Q3. Do you have any product recommendations that should be owned by pet owners?


“There are several products that come to my mind. I will point out 3 of the best-recommended item, which are:

  1. Capsule Cat Litter Box by Pet Family

The capsule cat litter box comes in a creative design, which can be functioned freely by pet owners. It is also designed in 4 layers with a high lid, forming an anti-leakage design to make the litter box leakproof. Additionally, it also comes with a spacious design with extra-large space, making it suitable for kitty to aged cats and even be considered an excellent choice for multi-cat families. This litter box is also removable and comes with a transparent hood, helping your cat not to feel locked up or nervous. Therefore, the capsule cat litter box is a multifunction pet supply that should be considered to have.

  1. Intelligent Cyclone Deodorizer by Pet Family

“Small in size, big in impact”, is the definition of our Intelligent Cyclone Deodorizer by Pet Family. It has gone through several testing with the outcome of a 99% deodorization rate. Comes with a 5000mAh with a rechargeable battery, which can work up to 80 hours or 3.5 days without charging. This deodorizer is designed to be pet-friendly, especially for sensitive cats. Therefore, the intelligent deodorizer will always stand by when the pet gets close and automatically restart when pet leaves. It also comes with low noise, which helps pets and owners not to be interrupted by any noise. Moreover, the deodorizer is designed to be detachable, making it flexible and available with multi-purpose functions.

  1. Deodorizing Cat Litter Box by Pet Family

“Spacious yet valuable, this a simple phrase to describe our deodorizing cat litter box by Petfamily. This jumbo hooded litter box is perfect for a big cat or multiple-cats family. The deodorizing module helps to remove odor and keep the air fresh within the hooded litter box. The machine will turn off when detecting a cat or people passing within one meter. It also allows cats to feel more comfortable when they are doing their business and out of sight from the clear top. High back Space Capsule design leaves ample room for cats to turn around and prevent litter scatter, which will help keep your home less messy. Accessible entry is friendly to elder cats and helps make your scooping job easier. “

Q4. Before we conclude, is there anything else you would like to share?


“Remember, your journey as a pet parent is special, and we're here to support you every step of the way. Let's embark on this innovative pet care adventure together!”


Thank you to Petfamily for sharing your insightful thoughts in this interview. It was a pleasure to have you as our guest!

If you have any inquiries or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us through our social media channels or customer service email ( Visit the official website of to learn more about us and our commitment to smart pet care.


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