Petliking Blog - Are You Too Hectic To Consider What To Bring Outside With Your Dog?

Petliking Blog - Are You Too Hectic To Consider What To Bring Outside With Your Dog?

Spending time with your pets can be hectic when you don’t have any equipment that can keep your dog safe, controlled, easy to locate, and healthy. 

Especially when dogs roam around the place without understanding the circumstances of the surroundings! You might have issues with dogfighting with other dogs, digging, barking at unnecessary times, doing its business in an inappropriate area just like in your neighbor's backyard, locating your dog in the dark, and ensuring dogs are hydrated all the time!


A lot of times owners will use a collar, leash, and harness set to control such inappropriate actions by pulling the collar or an anti-bark shock collar by using the beep, vibration, and shock depending on the intensity of the circumstance. For instance, a forceful pull and a shock would mostly be used when the dog tries to lunge and bite a person; in such cases, this rarely happens. Some may disagree that using a collar, leash, and harness or an anti-bark shock is a bit too aggressive for dogs which may promote bad behavior. That is why most owners prefer an anti-bark shock collar as alternative options like the vibration and beep are available which are much more friendly to dogs to adapt easily to wearing the collar on a daily basis as fear is not implemented which is sensed by dogs after the usage of the shock option. Comfortable wear also acts a big role in adapting to wear these accessories. Just like a breathable, non-chafing material and right-fitting collar and harness as less force is held against them when pulled.

Locating pets outdoors can sometimes be a hassle, especially searching in one place at a time in the dark. Generally, a reflective coating collar & leash & harness can make the dog which glows during the day and night time. Besides that, a shock collar with a LED-Light feature aid owners to lead and locate their dogs in a dark environment just like in a forest. These collars usually are waterproof and can be used during a swim-time, bath, wet fields, and rain.

Not only that! Having the anxiety to lose your dog when you are asleep is every owner’s fear. When you are outside camping or your dog is kept outside the house, a reflective vinyl-covered tie-out cable spiral stake is can be used to anchor the stake to the ground firmly preventing the dog to stray too far away from your location, at the same time, it can roam around freely with a 360-degree rotating ring and safely with the durable, strong, and rust proof crimp. With this item, you can sleep without worries about losing your dog!

Thirsty as always. Keeping your pet hydrated outdoors at all times can be hard as owners have to use their water bottles to lend some water to their pets which is uncomfortable for some and some may use a plastic water bottle that is bought from the supermarket. Using a plastic water bottle to feed dogs outdoors can risk getting injured and contaminating the dog’s digestive system by chewing on a plastic water bottle and swallowing the plastic shards or the cap. Futhermore, having to own a travel water bottle that is portable, BPA-free, and foldable, has high water carrying capacity, and is effortless for dogs to drink from a half-cut bamboo shape tip is very handy when traveling.

Having such equipment with tons of features is just like a big portion of big cat food, each single ball of food satisfies a cat's appetite which can also simplify all the unexpected tragedies that could happen outside when traveling with your pet. Making life for both owner and pet easier in the sense of excitement, safety, health, and whereabouts.

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