Petliking Blog - Does Your Deodorizer Only Cover the Odor Smell From Your Cat’s Excrement?

Petliking Blog - Does Your Deodorizer Only Cover the Odor Smell From Your Cat’s Excrement?

Excrement from a cat can create a smelly odor environment making owners uncomfortable and in a bad mood. When this happens, most owners will use a natural home deodorizer. However, it does not remove strong or moderate odors in their house, no matter how much they try! Getting rid of it just feels impossible because most deodorizer covers the smell rather than filtering, sterilizing, deodorizing, and removing completely; also, most deodorizers are not cat-friendly as air fresheners and filter element are used that can disturb a cat's sense of smell and are not effective as multiple sprays are required to cover the odor smell. 

To effectively solve the problem,  Petliking Selected Intelligent Deodorizer does the job for owners to remove smelly odor using a deodorization loop with 118 air ducts requiring only 10 minutes of continuously drawing, sterilizing, and deodorizing odors inside and releasing them as fresh air. Also, the deodorizer is small, low-noise under 35 dB, diamond square-like, automated, and has an easy-to-attach and detach design allowing owners to place it anywhere in a cat litter box, the beauty salon, in the car, and outdoors. Additionally, the deodorizer includes a 5000mAh lithium and rechargeable built-in battery that is usable for 80 hours after fully charged, allowing owners to keep the air clean anywhere and anytime. 

With the Petliking Selected Deodorizing Cat Litter Box, it can fully disintegrate all those odors with a cat-friendly and consumable free, deodorizing module on top of the hood automatically removes odor within the hood and turns off the module when motion-detected within one meter. Furthermore, the litterbox is large, hooded, and has a big gate in front for large cats or a cat family to fit in, and owners to place scooped food into the box and prevent litter from coming out. 

With both of these products present in an owner’s house, odors will no longer be a problem that needs to solve! Especially when the deodorizer and the litter box are cat-friendly, consumable-free, and use filtration to remove the odor smell rather than covering it like another deodorizer does. 

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