Petliking Blog -  Contaminated Consumption May Risk It All For Pet Lovers

Petliking Blog - Contaminated Consumption May Risk It All For Pet Lovers

Nutrition is essential for every living being, especially for your pets. Drinking sufficient water daily keeps your pet’s body hydrated and active during daily activities as it regulates and stabilizes the body’s temperature and cognitive function. However, water can be non-hygienic from tap water, rivers, and even mineral water bought in stores!  Other contamination can come from your pet's saliva, food leftovers, urine, feces, dust, and dirt like a double-edged sword! 

When slashing using the edge of a sword, one may not take much damage referring to the low-severity parasites and germs done to your pet's body, as it only leads to pain and suffering like fever and diarrhea to pets. Even deadlier! When slashing using the tip of a sword, one may no longer move, suggesting that your pet may die as bacteria and diseases have taken over the whole body resulting in severe sicknesses such as continuous vomiting and anemia until all the nutrients drain your pet's life! If you own a water fountain that acts like a healer, it can save all your troubles to send your pet to a vet! 

The water fountain consists of three filtration modules and a UV light wireless pump inside the tank that filters and sterilizes in a cycle from the pump to filter B to filter A, ensuring water is clean for pets for up to 30 days. The UV disintegrates the micro-organisms' DNA into random sequences enabling them to replicate and harm your pet’s system! Along with the wireless pump, it promotes safer drinking as it continuously cleans itself automatically!

Filter A contains five layers: The High-Density Mesh that blocks hair and debris. The Micropore Cotton Filter filters dust, impurified and purified water. The Coconut Fiber Activated Carbon keeps water fresh tasting and prevents microbe feeding. The Ion-Exchange Resin removes calcium and magnesium and prevents urinary and kidney diseases. The Micropore Cotton Filter filters dust and impurify, and purify water. The layers work as the ultimate defense against bacteria and germs. Filter B mainly prevents dust using the carbon filter filtrate thoroughly, removes hair and debris, and softens water to encourage your pets to drink more water as it tastes better! For all the filters, wind air ensures the hair and dust are pushed into the filter tray to be filtered and keep the drinking tray clean constantly.

Not only does the water fountain help sterilize germs and diseases from contaminating, but it is also ultra-quiet with a sound level of under 35 dB for owners to sleep comfortably at night while their pets drink. Additionally, it has a night light that is soothing for the eye and prevents pets from bumping into the water fountain. Furthermore, it’s charged using an internationally known Type-C cable. With this high-tech water fountain, pets will have a sense of security that the water is hygienic constantly, increasing the trustworthiness of owners and pets. 

As quoted by Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, “You are what you eat”

To avoid these germs, purchase a water fountain machine for your home and the health and longevity of your pets. It takes one purchase to save many lives. 

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