Product Testing

If you are frustrated by the stinky cat litter box, please do not miss our Mar. recommendation. 

An intelligent cyclone deodorizer from Petfamily

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Testing 1:Inhale Testing

Will this device inhale the smelly air efficiently? Below video tells what will happen after we put both deodorizer and smoke into a transparent testing box.

118 air ducts under the black controlling board accelerate the speed of air inhalation. It allow full contact between the inhaled air and the build-in deodorant module.

You will get fresh air within 10 mins.

Testing 2: Deodorizing test on blue cheese & cat waste.

Blue cheese gets its smell from a mold, while cat waste smell from ammonia.

Petfamily intelligent cyclone deodorizer has a 99.9% deodorization rate and a 99.9% sterilization rate. Efficiently remove the bad smells from cat waste and make the litter box clean and fresh.

Testing 3: Deodorizing test on smelly fish.

Will it work if we put stinky fish together with pet deodorant?

Below video tells us it also works well.